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Sexual Abuse Resources for Survivors: What Is Snap?

Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests (SNAP) is an independent, peer network of institutional sexual abuse survivors and advocates who stand by their side. With offices in numerous countries and on several continents, SNAP serves as a global resource accessible to a diverse demographic of survivors.

SNAP’s Resources, Tools & Services

Although the name of the organization specifically appeals to those harmed by priests, SNAP also helps people who have been harmed by other religious and/or institutional authority figures, such as ministers, nuns, coaches, teachers, deacons, bishops, rabbis, and more.

One great aspect of SNAP is that most of its resources can be accessed online. Therefore, survivors who are not quite ready to speak about their experiences to another person do not have to talk to anyone to access SNAP’s resources and tools, which include a support group directory and a resources page for survivors, as well as access to other survivors’ stories.

If survivors find themselves in need of immediate help, they can reach out to SNAP’s toll-free hotline at 1-877-SNAP-HEALS (1-877-762-7432) or find their local SNAP chapter.

Why Was SNAP Founded?

In 1988, SNAP was founded by Barbara Blaine, a survivor whose own story of abuse was swept under the rug by those in power. After being ignored and denied justice, she faced years of depression, pain, and shame about what happened. She decided to take matters into her own hands by establishing SNAP and cultivating a community of support for survivors.

SNAP has five primary missions:

  • Support survivors through support groups, a hotline, and more;
  • Protect children by pushing for laws that strengthen survivors’ rights;
  • Protect the vulnerable by exposing predators and institutions that cover up their abuses;
  • Heal the wounded by empowering them and providing a safe space to share their stories; and
  • Shine light on the truth by raising awareness, exposing abuse, and bringing abusers, as well as the institutions and/or church officials that protect them, to justice.

More About SNAP

Today, SNAP is one of the largest and oldest support groups for survivors, boasting over 25,000 members. For its success in fostering community among and providing support to survivors, SNAP has been featured by many major media outlets: The New York Times, CNN, The Boston Globe, The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, The Guardian, and BBC, among others.

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Supporting Survivors Through Legal Advocacy

At The Zalkin Law Firm, our attorney team is proud to stand with survivors and take tangible action to win them justice. We understand how truly terrifying and traumatizing it is to be victimized by an abuser, even more so when that abuser is someone who you were led to believe you could trust. That is why we are determined to protect your rights and prevent further abuse from being perpetrated by the same person.

Our lawyers have successfully worked on some of the most groundbreaking sexual abuse and assault cases brought against institutions at the state, national, and global level, such as against the Catholic Church, the Boy Scouts of America, colleges and universities, and more. We have seen the unfair advantage that these institutions have against survivors both in and out of the courtroom; as such, we are strong supporters of SNAP and the work that it does.

If you are in need of compassionate legal counsel, contact The Zalkin Law Firm online or at (800) 477-2989.