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Tallis M. Radwick

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Tallis Radwick is a civil litigator specializing in cases related to childhood sexual abuse particularly within academic and religious institutions. Tallis joined The Zalkin Law Firm in 2020 after clerking with the firm, and has emerged as an unwavering legal advocate for survivors. Tallis is involved in all stages of litigation including law and motion practice, discovery, pre-trial preparations, and trial. In her burgeoning legal career, Tallis has already earned a number of multimillion dollar settlements for her clients from public schools, private schools, and religious organizations.

An alumna of the University of Colorado Law School in Boulder, Tallis's legal journey was marked by a pivotal period working in the sex crimes unit of the District Attorney’s Office in Boulder. This experience provided her with a detailed understanding of the complexities surrounding cases of sexual abuse and only fueled her passion for advocating on behalf of victims. Tallis’s clerkships with the Zalkin Law Firm during her time in Law School also helped her develop an early familiarity with the nuances of civil litigation as they pertain to this sensitive line of work.

Tallis has a longstanding history of advocacy on behalf of survivors of sexual abuse. In 2015, Tallis and a team of advocates established Honey Inc., a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to supporting survivors of sexual trauma. Serving as the CEO until 2022, she led initiatives focused on victim advocacy, educational outreach, and survivor/ally gatherings. Before pursuing law, Tallis graduated cum laude from Westminster University in Salt Lake City, Utah, with a Bachelor of Science in Sociology. Her undergraduate thesis, "Sexual Violence Awareness in Utah State," underscored her commitment to investigating and raising awareness about the challenges faced by sexual abuse survivors, particularly minors.

Tallis Radwick's legal career and philanthropic endeavors exemplify her unyielding commitment to representing and fighting for the rights of sexual abuse survivors. Through her work and advocacy, she has developed a well-informed understanding of the unique physiologic and psychologic hurdles clients may face in telling their stories. Her clients and those who work with her have found Tallis to be an effective communicator, skilled legal mind, and fierce advocate for her clients.