New Lawsuit Alleges San Diego Catholic Diocese Fraudulently Transferred Real Estate Assets to Avoid Child Sexual Abuse Claims. Click Here for Complaint

Accused Priests

For decades, our team has been handled some of the most complex sexual abuse and personal injury claims across the nation. For more information, please contact our office to set up a free consultation at (800) 477-2989.

California Catholic Priests Accused of Child Sexual Abuse

It wasn’t until the 1980s that it became clear the Catholic Church had a serious problem. By the 2000s, that problem became incredibly public as thousands of survivors across the world began coming forward with complaints about sexual abuse, some dating back several decades.

Today, it is well known that children have never been protected from priests within the Catholic Church, and that they also suffered abuse from clerics, employees, and volunteers. What’s more, internal records and documentation have shown the Catholic Church often protected abusers, and willfully concealed their abuse from families and law enforcement.

As more evidence comes to light, the need to bring those responsible to justice is more important than ever. Our award-winning attorneys at The Zalkin Law Firm are here to help. If you have questions about a credibly accused California priest, or would like to discuss a potential case, call or contact us to speak confidentially with a lawyer.

Let Us Help You Move Forward

If you know someone who was abused by a priest, we can help. Contact our childhood sexual abuse attorneys today.

List of Priests Accused of Sex Abuse by Diocese

In California, many dioceses have had priests accused of sexual abuse. Understanding what has happened in other cases can often be the first step in bringing your story forward. The Zalkin Law Firm has compiled a list of abusive priests from these dioceses to be under investigation by multiple parties for child sex abuse crimes. Take a look at the accusations against each.

What is California AB 218?

Many victims who were abused by priests in California have had their civil claims barred by the statute of limitations.

Now, in California, there are new laws that give victims the opportunity to seek justice for their abuse.

California AB 218 is a new statute of limitations law that opens a three-year window starting January 1, 2020 for claims previously barred. This new statute of limitations window applies to civil claims for child sexual assault in California against public and private organizations that have legal responsibility for the safety of children in their organizations – including the Catholic Church.

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