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Comfort Dog
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Clients and visitors to the offices of The Zalkin Law Firm are often greeted by Ollie, the firm's "Comfort Dog". Ollie is Alex Zalkin's five-year old Basset Hound. Ollie joined the firm four years ago shortly after he joined the home of Alex and his wife, Liz. They discovered Ollie in the yard of a house near their home as they were walking their other dog. Ollie was dirty and neglected and they asked his owner if he would be interested in allowing them to adopt Ollie. Fortunately for Ollie and the Zalkin Law firm, Ollie's previous owner agreed.

Ollie's responsibilities at the firm are to greet our office visitors and deliver dog kisses and loving attention to anyone who will pay attention to him. Ollie loves to be petted and hugged and in return he delivers his adorable attention and love to all.

Ollie visits our office weekly with Alex and comes in on-call to greet special clients in need of a little extra love and attention. Ollie is gradually learning the legal system and carefully avoids case files and documents that are on the floors and desks of our attorneys’ offices. Ollie supports our staff with loving looks like the one in this official photo and stays out of our way as he takes long naps in Alex's office.

Oliver has no official degrees or courtroom experience, but he is working his way through Obedience School.

To make an appointment with Ollie for some extra dog love or to just tell him about your case, please contact his owner Alex Zalkin. Ollie will appreciate any attention you can offer to him.