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The Secret Jehovah's Witnesses Database of Sex Abusers

Daily Beast. 2/10/20

In this article, the efforts to uncover the secret database of sex abusers maintained by the Jehovah's Witnesses Watchtower headquarters are revealed. Thanks to the tireless work of Attorney Irwin Zalkin and the Zalkin Law Firm the existence of this database was uncovered. The Zalkin Law Firm has filed more child sexual abuse lawsuits than anyone and through court, depositions discovered this secret database from a Watchtower official.

“When an organization is more concerned about its reputation and staving off scandal than for concern for children, then that’s a recipe for rampant sexual abuse,” Zalkin said. “We find that to be the common denominator—that’s true of clergy abuse or boy scout abuse or school abuse. When they’re that concerned with the idea of reporting scandal, that’s when they get themselves in trouble.”

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