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AB 1455 Gives Survivors of Sexual Assault by CA Police Officers More Time to Seek Justice

In October, CA Gov. Gavin Newsom signed AB 1455, also known as the “Statute of Limitations: Sexual Assault by Law Enforcement Officers” bill, granting survivors of sexual assault by law enforcement officers more time to file a civil lawsuit.

As one of the nation’s premier sexual abuse and assault law firms, The Zalkin Law Firm is reviewing cases on behalf of survivors who have been given a second chance by AB 1455 to hold their abusers accountable. If you were barred from filing a claim by the previous filing deadline, you may now have the opportunity to seek justice for yourself.

About the New Filing Window

Under AB 1455, survivors may file a claim over an alleged sexual assault within 10 years from either (a) the last date the officer was employed by a law enforcement agency, local or state, or (b) the date of conviction—whichever is later.

Please note that the conviction does not have to be for sexual assault. It can be for any crime, as long as sexual assault was also alleged in the same criminal case.

The previous filing deadline, or statute of limitations, for sexual assault claims against police and other law enforcement officers was 10 years from the last assault or attempted assault, or three years from the date an injury or illness was discovered by the survivor.

Holding Law Enforcement Officers Accountable

State Assemblywoman Buffy Wicks, D-Oakland, proposed AB 1455 back in February 2021, specifically to address sexual assaults committed by officers “on duty, in uniform, or armed,” as reported by the Daily Democrat.

“The vast majority of law enforcement officers are not sexual abusers but you do have cases where it does exist,” Wicks said. “What this bill will do is give the victims more power and more agency as they seek the recourse they are owed.”

Wicks cited “California Criminal Cops,” a series by the Bay Area News Group and other media outlets, as part of what inspired her to draft AB 1455. The journalists behind the series put the issue of sexual assault by police officers in the spotlight. They found that out of over 600 police officers who had been convicted of a crime(s), 50 cases involved some type of forcible sex offense, per the Daily Democrat.

At The Zalkin Law Firm, we firmly believe that all survivors of sexual assault deserve justice. Abusers must be held accountable, regardless of what uniform they wear.

Standing Up for Survivors for 20+ Years

If you or a loved one has been the victim of sexual assault by a law enforcement officer, The Zalkin Law Firm is here to advocate for you. We are proud to have helped countless survivors find closure and peace of mind by bringing their abusers to justice. When you are ready to act, we are right here to answer your call.

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