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Young Amala Redd

Courageous Survivor of Childhood Sexual Abuse Seeks Justice

Amala Redd attended Brooklyn Friends School in New York from 1979-1990, encompassing all her years of general education from Kindergarten through 12thgrade. The private school was founded in the 1800s by the “Religious Society of Friends” as Quaker school and claims to remain true to those values today. Amala’s mother was drawn to Quakerism and Amala herself grew to appreciate the church and its teachings of peace and non-violence.

Tragically, young Amala was horrifically raped by a janitor at her school in the 3rdgrade. She was 8 years old.

Despicable Evil Within the Walls of Quaker School

Jesus Flores was employed at Brooklyn Friends School in 1981 and as a janitor, he would manipulate his position of trust with school faculty to remove young Amala from class under the pretense of there being a phone call or other matter for the young girl to attend to downstairs. Flores would then lead young Amala to a sports closet on the top floor of the school where she would wait, in the dark, for the predator to return and rape her.

Flores would then return young Amala to her class after he had raped her, where she would suffer, in silence and in secret while being expected to retain lessons and participate in class. Eventually, a teacher would discover the young girl alone in the sports closet and after recounting her horrific experiences to school administrators, Flores was removed from his position.

Inflicted with Scars of Abuse, Even Decades Later

Amala describes her time at the school as a “torturous ordeal” where she was deprived of the natural right to, “just be normal, just be a kid” due to the evil acts of a “brazen child molester”. Underneath the seemingly peaceful and utopian surface of the school, young Amala was submersed into unimaginable trauma and burdened with the irreparable psychological damage that remains until this day.

Her immense pain and suffering as a survivor of child sexual abuse is beyond the scope of what most of humanity can imagine and warrants our deepest sympathy. Her courage in telling her story publicly and seeking justice for the crimes that have haunted her for decades is an example we can all admire and support.

To see Amala tell her story, visit the Zalkin Law Firm YouTube Channel.