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Catholic Diocese of Rockville Centre

New York Child Victims Act Challenged in Court By Diocese of Rockville Centre

LI Herald. November 21, 2019 -- On November 12, 2019, the Catholic Diocese of Rockville Centre filed a lawsuit to challenge the New York Child Victims Act, the state law that opened the statute to limitations for adult survivors of childhood sexual abuse. The Diocese has been hit with 19 or more civil lawsuits from survivors of priest sexual abuse and more are expected to be filed under the Child Victims Act provisions. According to victims advocates and attorneys representing victims, the Diocese lawsuit is nothing more than an attempt to avoid the responsibility for the abuse and to avoid the lawsuits they know are coming.

Attorney Irwin Zalkin was quoted as saying: “People have been living with this pain for decades and denied justice because of the arbitrary statute of limitations,” he explained. “This opportunity [granted by the CVA] is vindication for these people to get closure from the institutions that let this happen to them.”

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