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Media Statement of Jasmin Hernandez re: Firing of Baylor Coach Briles

May 26, 2016 --  Attorney Alex Zalkin and Jasmin Hernandez announcing Title IX lawsuit

“I am pleased to see that Baylor University has finally taken action to terminate head Football Coach Art Briles and demote University President Ken Starr for their failure to protect students like myself from sexual predators on the Baylor campus. I was raped by a Baylor football player in 2012 and that player is now in jail for his horrific sexual assault on me and other students.

These University leaders have known about sexual predators on the football team for years and never took action to protect students. The University never offered me or other victims any support when we reported these sexual assaults and that lack of support led me to drop out of Baylor and suffer emotionally ever since.

I am glad that my Title IX civil lawsuit against Baylor, filed by my attorneys at the Zalkin Law Firm in March, has helped to call attention to the failure of Baylor to support the legal rights of victims of sexual assault at the university.

The media attention of the last several days has resurfaced the emotional damage that I suffered at Baylor and I am limiting the number of media interviews that I can do. Please use this statement to convey my feelings about these recent actions by the Board of Regents and to express my hope that these changes will serve to protect Baylor students from the suffering that I have endured.”