New Lawsuit Alleges San Diego Catholic Diocese Fraudulently Transferred Real Estate Assets to Avoid Child Sexual Abuse Claims. Click Here for Complaint

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San Diego Catholic Diocese Threatens Second Bankruptcy to Escape Sex Abuse Lawsuits

The San Diego Catholic Diocese has threatened to file for bankruptcy for the second time in an attempt to escape the financial consequences of clergy sex abuse lawsuits. Previously, the same Diocese filed for bankruptcy protection in 2007 when facing 144 child sexual abuse lawsuits but the case was dismissed. At the time, Judge Louise DeCarl Adler said that the bankruptcy filing was being weaponized to try to offer child sex abuse victims insultingly small settlements. Since then, the SD Diocese and parishes have tried to move assets to independent corporations to escape financial liability.

Attorney Irwin Zalkin of The Zalkin Law Firm in San Diego is at the forefront of litigation against the San Diego Catholic Diocese, which has been accused of harboring and enabling predatory priests and other clergy members. He is currently representing nearly 120 sex abuse victims in lawsuits against the SD Diocese. In response to the news that bankruptcy might soon be tried again to escape the consequences of its negligent and harmful actions or inaction, Attorney Zalkin explained, “The SD Diocese and its parishes have ample assets and insurance to respond fairly to the damages suffered by hundreds of children, now adults, at the hands of its priests and other clergy without the need to file a bankruptcy. […] Filing a bankruptcy has nothing to do with helping victims and everything to do with protecting their wealth.”

The Zalkin Law Firm is positioning to act quickly and file a lawsuit against the San Diego Catholic Diocese and hundreds of parishes as early as mid-February to unwind what it alleges is the fraudulent transfer of hundreds of millions of dollars of diocesan assets into dummy corporations . Anyone who thinks that they might have a claim against the SD Diocese should move just as quickly.

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